Françoise Monéger,

art director of the company





La Scène des Muses is a medium of interdisciplinary artistic projects.

Directed by Françoise Monéger, this opera singing company gathers artists specialized in music, theater, dancing, plastic arts and digital arts, in order to create musical shows, recitals and performance art presentations. The aim of these collaborations is to reach the widest audience possible and introduce it to the art of opera.

Artistic creations came into being, each one representing a different universe: Illuminations (a playful combining of cabaret and classical music), Jungle de pacotille and Paris 1920 ou folles années (relating to the plastic arts) at the Centre loisirs et culture of Eybens, À souffle court and J’en perds la tête (in which a dancer and a singer perform in a disorganized and sensual way on Récitations by Georges Aperghis) at the Festival 38e Rugissants.

Ne tire pas sur les fils, the collaborative work between La Scène des Muses and the plastic artist Béatrice Soum, has been unanimously awarded first prize during the contest Atout Fil: it is a musical and theatrical performance revolving around the theme “Mythique”, and a staging of wearable art.



Interactive Operas


Since 2014, La Scène des Muses has been involved in digital arts.

The company collaborates with Sirius Productions in a research and development department devising interactive processes between touch, sounds and images (designed by Sirius Productions) in order to create performances:

- Ciboulette à la capitale ou les rêves numériques de Ciboulette, performed at the Théâtre de la Jonquière (Paris, 17e), in which an opera singer and her double move around a digital and visual setting

- ELLES, a collaborative work with Cameroonian dancer and choreographer Merlin Nyakam, on a dialogue between women from here and elsewhere.



Singing Workshops


As the head of the company La Scène des Muses, Françoise Monéger enjoys sharing her interest in opera singing and knowledge of voice coaching with a diverse audience, professional or not. Since 2016, she has been developing singing workshops in conjunction with the project ELLES. Established in the north of Paris, those actions are a means of working toward decreasing the cultural and digital divide, and promoting personal development and social cohesion.

Moreover, since 2011 the Company has been called upon by the Ministry of National Education for its training courses “Parler en public” (public speaking). 







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