JEAN RABATÉ, film and stage director


Jean Rabaté obtained the Villa Medicis Prize hors les murs (the prize was awarded in Germany) for his work with choreographer Pina Bausch. He directed television films that were broadcasted on the channels Mezzo, France 2 and France 3, and he recorded radio programs for the stations France Inter and France Culture. He created settings for performances staged at the Grand Palais or in the public space (such as La Ronde des étoiles on La Petite Ceinture).


He invented new digital devices inspired by DIY and VJing to carry out creations with plastic artists, singers and video makers. He is the founder of Sirius Productions, an association which brings artists and amateurs together to create collective works. He designed Artisanum, an interface with which video and sound effects can be controlled by voice commands.





JULIEN WEBER , oboist and music arranger


Julien Weber studied music in Belgium then in Lyon, where he obtained a prize in oboe playing. He won third prize at the International Contest of Bayreuth. He started his career in Finland, with the Jyväskylä Symphony Orchestra, then with the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra.


He is also a member of the Kaïnos Ensemble, a group dedicated to reproducing great pieces of classical music and make them more accessible to the public. Each year, Julien Weber teaches at the Académie d’Été de Kaïnos. He recorded the complete symphonic works of George Enescu with an orchestra, and Martin Matalon’s concerto as soloist.




In 2015, the musical ensemble Kaïnos was created by several musicians with different experiences. Belonging to the opera world, this ensemble aims to bring out the link existing between text and music.


Its repertoire is divided into two parts: one revolves around opera and operetta from mid-19th century and early 20th century, and is aimed at the general public; the other focuses on musical tales and is addressed to children, in order to introduce a younger audience to music and theater.

When presenting works to the public, the ensemble attempts to do so in a very personal and direct way, with a small staff in a search for authenticity and musical communication, performing on a simple yet enchanting set. Julien Weber, the music director, adapted musical pieces by focusing on melody and narrative in order to accentuate lyricism.


The staging strengthens the bond between musicians and singers, thus revealing the close connection between playing, singing and acting. This complicity between vocalists and instrumentalists, the latter being placed on the stage to play, is what makes the story unfold so smoothly: we are thus able to observe the various aspects of the narrative.



SELMAN ERGUNER, musician and composer



Selman Erguner comes from a long line of Turk musicians with international fame. His eclectic career ranges from classical music and viola playing, to Turkish modal music and jazz. He recently completed his guitar studies at the California Institute of the Arts.


His participations as a guitarist in festivals around Paris (Bus Paladium, Scène Bastille…), his involvement in American bands (Orora, NAR…), and his original musical compositions for short films produced in the USA (by Adriana Copete, Grey Production…) are what makes him an accomplished musician, influenced by many cultural movements.




dancer, singer, performer and choreographer


Starting dancing at the age of five, Merlin Nyakam entered the Cameroon National Ballet at 14 and became a principal dancer at 16. In 1990, he created his own troupe, and the next year he was awarded the “épi d’or” (a prize for best dancer and best choreography) by the Ministry of the Arts and Culture of Cameroon. Nicknamed Merlin l’Enchanteur (Merlin the Enchanter), he is a renowned teacher of traditional and contemporary African dance.


In France, he has worked since 1992 with many choreographers, such as Gérard Gourdot, Philippe Jamet, Frédéric Lescure, Georges Momboye, Norma Claire, etc… He performed during the Fifa World Tour of the singer Angélique Kidjo, of whom he is the choreographer. Since 1997, he has performed with the troupe Montalvo-Hervieu (in the shows Hollaka Hollala, Paradis, Le Jardin Io Io Ito Ito, Babelle Heureuse, Les Paladins and On Danfe). In October 2000, he received the Prix d’Accueil Studio from the National Choreographic Center of Créteil, and he set up his very first creation, “Récréation Primitive”.

Since then, he has participated in shows as a dancer or choreographer, either in Europe, Africa or Japan: African Nights at the Capitol in Eupen (Belgium); in Shizuoka in 2007 (Japan); at the Festival Tanztage in Potsdam (Germany); in several festivals and theaters in Spain; at the Teatro Nuovo in Turin (Italy); at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London; in tours in Sweden and France: Opéra Bastille, Cergy, Auxerre, etc…


BÉATRICE SOUM, Plastic artist and costume maker


Béatrice Soum graduated from the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Her artistic training and encounters with artists led her to work alongside performers, for whom she creates sets, props and costumes. For this costume maker, all materials are sculptures that enhance the stage area. Béatrice Soum won the wearable art contest Atout Fil in 2010 for the costumes and scenography on the theme “Mythique”, from the show Ne tire pas sur les fils.


“Clothes are maps, sceneries. They are an invitation to travel, and touching them, wearing them, is like following a wandering path. I am a mad gardener on the canvas. The canvas has become too narrow, so my creations freed themselves from the frame to enfold bodies and engulf the stage.


From the study of the human figure, I experiment with drawing and painting techniques, I explore the world of fabrics to find new sensations, and I search for materials that capture the light and for suiting colors. I try to transgress the conventional constraints of clothes.” 


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